Steve Knittle, Attorney at Law

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Steve has been an attorney since November of 1985. He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. After serving three years in the Marine Corps, Steve enrolled in the University of Cincinnati where he completed his Political Science degree in three years while working full-time. He then enrolled in the University of Cincinnati Law School, and, while continuing to work twenty-four hours a week,  completed his Law Degree.

Mr. Knittle passed the Bar Exams in both Ohio and Florida. He engaged in private practice in Cincinnati from 1985 to 2000, and handled various types of legal cases, including Family, Criminal, Bankruptcy, Small Business Start-ups and Transfers, Contracts, Wills, and some Immigration Law.

Steve was named The Volunteer Lawyer for the Poor of the year in 1998 based on the quantity and quality of service he performed for that organization in Cincinnati. He also served on the Board of Directors for the Camp Washington Housing Rehabilitation Corporation, a non-profit organization dedicated to rehabilitating the housing stock in that neighborhood in which he lived.

In May of 2000, Steve moved to Sebring, Florida and took a position with the 10th Circuit Public Defender’s office. He started out in the Misdemeanor Division, and in July 2000 he was promoted to the supervising Attorney of the Wauchula, Florida office. 

In Wauchula, he handled all the cases in Hardee County, including serious felonies, misdemeanors, and juvenile. In May 2004 he was promoted to the Supervising Attorney position in the Sebring, Florida Office. 

n Sebring, Steve supervised a staff of ten people, including six attorneys. Steve and his staff had an outstanding acquittal rate in their cases that went to  trial. He remained there until February of 2008 when he moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Steve was admitted to the Bar in Georgia in February, 2008 and he engaged in private practice in the areas of Criminal, Family, and Immigration Law. He also took a position for 28 months with State of Georgia Public Defender’s office and worked in the Cordele Circuit in South Georgia. where he won five acquittals and had one hung jury in seven trials during that period.

Steve has tried approximately forty cases to juries with a very good success. He is knowledgeable in the Criminal Laws and Criminal Procedure in Florida and seems to have a knack for connecting with jury panels and getting them to see the defendant’s side of the case.

Steve has the experience, knowledge, personality, and talent you are looking for when you are hiring a lawyer to defend you when you are facing criminal charges.